Get a View from our Perspective! – The Your U Internship Program!

Being the first college website to really bring you live entertainment via Snapchat, we have opened A LOT of snaps. Though the vast majority are dick pics and the word “Nudes?” plastered on a black screen, there is also a lot of great feedback. The 3rd most common snap is typically an expression of envy at what we do. Well now is your chance to get a view from our perspective!


Your U is growing at a rapid pace, and not only do we need help keeping this train running but we want to include as many of you as possible in the day-to-day operations of what is the most creative, fun, and fastest growing college website around.

We have huge plans this summer, and we will be diversifying our content and productions, throwing an epic event, and filming a web series. If you have any interest in the entertainment industry, production, the creative process, fashion, art, film, sports, writing, marketing, and yes…beautiful women, then we have a place for you here.

We give our Interns pretty free range, and there are countless opportunities for you to take on as much responsibility as you like. This past semester, our intern Rob planned, produced and attended photo shoots. Others ran our social media pages and contributed original writing.

This will be an unpaid position but you have an opportunity to gain some real experience and have fun while doing it. Want to work at Paramount Pictures, HBO or FX? Imagine going to the interview with a resume of productions that you staffed and directed. Maxim, GQ or Vogue? Edit our Style section with a handful of writers underneath you. Also, WE ARE LOOKING FOR STAFF MEMBERS

There are more opportunities at Your U for student led productions then ever! We have a list of locations, photographers, and models interested in making it on our page and we need only creative and active minds to put something dope together. Did I mention we are venturing into other productions? NCAA Athletics, extreme sports, and music!

Intern Tasks

  • Help manage and grow our social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, tumbler, reddit, and Snapchat
  • Help to plan and recruit for photo shoots and other events on campuses across the country and attend those near you
  • Reach out to and build partnerships with photographers, clothing and accessories lines and other companies who would like to collaborate on a future project with us.
  • Help find advertising partnerships and earn a percentage from sales
    • Take on the role of editor of a section of our website in which you would be the sole overseer of the content provided to that section.
    • Have your ideas for the direction of Your U be heard and taken seriously in every aspect including content, events, and apparel
  • In the end you can take up as much responsibility as you want. You can become as much a part of the company as you wish and we welcome any and all of such commitment.

The Process

  1. Apply! 
  2. Schedule a time to talk with myself in order to establish exactly where your interests lie and where you want experience.
  3. You can focus on marketing, writing and editing, or productions. We are really only looking for 2-3 committed producers though.
  4. Start making shit happen!

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