7 Modern Rock Bands You Should Know

By Chris Esposito, Penn State University

1. White Denim- This band has a lot of instrumental talent and although they don’t have the catchiest hooks, their songs flow nicely and fit perfectly together by album. Listen to “Street Joy” and “At Night in Dreams” (my personal favorite) off Corsicana Lemonade.

2. Tame Impala- A splendid mix of psychedelic rock and some reminiscent Pink Floyd synths, Tame kills it with a singer who sounds exactly like John Lennon.

3.Kings of Leon- A pretty good standard rock band, Kings of Leon has more of a classic rock feel than the other bands on this list, but they have some good hits like “Supersoaker”, the classic “Sex on Fire”, and my lowkey favorite “Rock City”.

4. Hozier- A more mellow, rustic sound can chill you out. Hit up “Take Me To Church” for his biggest and best hit, so you can get a feel for his lyrical ability.

5. Arctic Monkeys- If you don’t know Arctic, I don’t know where the fuck you’ve been. Their new album “AM” is on fire. Get into their wilder side with songs like “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” off their first album titled “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not”.

6. Crystal Fighters- Pretty weird and slightly soft, the Crystal Fighters incorporate a lot of electronic synthesizers and mixes that make for a unique sound with catchy hooks and some “drops” you might hear from Skrillex if he wasn’t as crazy.

7. Good Old War- I just recently caught wind of this folky, acoustic band that harmonizes well throughout their songs and has a soothing effect. Also, pretty epic buildups. “Amazing Eyes” is their biggest hit.



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